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Friday, May 29th, 2009 07:06 am
I declare this Friday "Try to Mentally Scar My F-List" Day1!

For anyone who clicked on the video, congratulations! You have likely joined me in never being able to look at nuSpock the same again :D

(Actually, it reminds me of this really, really odd experimental film from the forties I saw in my Film History class once. Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the film, otherwise I'd totally try to find it and see if I still had the same D: reaction today that I did back then.)

Okay, since I'm not completely cruel, here's a happy making video for anyone who was ever a fan of the game, Final Fantasy 6:

To this day, I still maintain that FF6 was the best entry in the Final Fantasy series (and is still my favorite RPG, and video game for that matter, of all time.) [ profile] mumumugen especially can attest to my big fangirl crush on the game, and just about all of its characters. This video is amazing. It's hand drawn, and really looks like the opening and closing credits of an anime. (I'll admit, I don't recognize the song, but I think it's set to something from Full Metal Alchemist.) I felt rather cheated by the "full motion videos" that were made for the Playstation version of the game, so this makes me happy in ways that is hard to describe.

1 - Except [personal profile] trystings, [personal profile] jadesfire, and [ profile] sgatazmy, who kept me sane yesterday and let me vent a little. ♥! [ profile] quatres_star... I ♥ you too, but it's fun making you watch painful videos.
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Monday, April 13th, 2009 08:00 pm
So, I was planning on making a very thought provoking post about Amazon-Fail, censorship (intentional or not), and how to make a proper apology (ie: "I am sorry. I am so sorry, we did not mean for this to happen. Please accept our apology as we attempt to fix this" over "It's a glitch, just hold on and it'll be fixed. Gawd.")

Sadly, those plans were cut short by being granted the opportunity to share with everyone yet another fun-filled car story, this time with direct involvement!

Not-so-long-story-short: I am fine.

Actually, it's not a very long, complicated, or nearly as hilarious of a story as the last one, sorry guys... )
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Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 05:01 pm
The SciFi channel has decided to break its bonds from its geeky foundations and forge ahead into a brave new broadcasting world, and to do that it must change its long cherished, and due to the occasional unfortunate programming errors decisions, sometimes misleading name to...


Because you know, that's going to make it look cooler. Of course, television and network executives are always lagging a little behind the popular curve, so they missed the memo that ¡7'§ @££ b33n þ0n3 b3ƒ0r€ 1n 4n 3qµ4££¥ 1rr17471n9 m4nn3r.

Luckily, I found the (¥ƒ3r cypher to decode what they were really hoping to get out of all of this: $¢¥₣¥

Oops, my bad, I left that pesky c¢ in there. No one wants your measly pennies. Give us whole, round dollars, your yen, and your Francs. Sorry, we cannot except the Euro yet due to Network Executive Lag.

Seriously, they just make it too easy to snark )
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Sunday, March 30th, 2008 04:55 pm
As I promised [profile] tipper_green and [personal profile] leesa_perrie I have spent some quality time with FFnet's Document Management system this afternoon. I've come to the conclusion that I still hate it with an undying passion. However, after many angry exchanges and several choice words, I've come up with about three methods that will hopefully save my fellow authors a few headaches in trying to replace/fix what those idiots broke the scene breaks in their stories.

First up, the official recommendation of placing the actual <hr> tags in your Word Documents is crap, pure and simple. It doesn't recognize them in normal documents. It recognizes them in the DocX format (the Word 2007 format intended to make everyone's life more painful), however it will double and/or triple space your paragraphs, which quite frankly looks just about as lovely as their little horizontal line. So I wouldn't try either of these methods.

(Please note, these are just what I've found that works. I tried about fourteen methods, and these were the easiest for me. Also, I'm sure many of you are plenty tech savvy, but I wrote the directions in case someone has the technical expertise of most of the customers I talk with at work do.)

So then, if you have only used FFnet to upload your stories, but you still have the original Word Document, here's what I would do.

If you've got it posted on LJ or your website, you've got another option. What I did was the following:

It's not an ideal way, as it still takes some extra work, but at least this way you aren't hunting and pecking out thousands of scene breaks. I've found it's just easiest to do everything in Word and save the stories in a seperate "FFnet Formatting" folder. However, the HTML method works just as well too if for some reason you don't have a backup document of your story.

Clear as mud?
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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 11:19 pm
(Thanks to [profile] tipper_green for the tip.)

Hi thar FFnet. See this little thing below?


I do not like to use the <hr> tag in general in my stories. It's a personal thing, I don't like a line that takes up the length of a window to indicate a scene break in my writing, because to me that is like a full stop. That is in effect saying "Whoa sucker! Take a break!", which hey, might be crazy, but it's my personal crazy.

What I like even less is when, without notice, someone has gone through and viciously yanked out what I've chosen to use for a scene break. I would have still been pissed had I had notice, but someone giving me the common courtesy of forewarning I at least could have visually searched through the story (used the ever helpful CTRL+F), found what I was using for scene breaks and place it with the all mighty <hr>.

I'm starting to think that they just like torturing their user base. I mean, what the heck? I've had to put up with a lot over the seven years I've been posting stories there. (Seven whole years, sheesh!) The special character hatred, especially of my beloved *'s, has always irked me, because I've had to make a separate document specially formatted for FFnet. But you go where the readership is, and it didn't bother me up until tonight that it was there.

And I was going to make some inappropriate jokes about poor oppressed yellow *'s and the evil <hr> swastikas that plague them... but I'm just too tired at this point.

All right... I feel... slightly mollified now. I have an idea that might be able to defeat the Pit of Formatting Nazis Voles latest faux pas. If it's successful... I'll make a nice, non-ranty post. Oh, MS Frontpage, you are my friend.