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Birthdate:Nov 15
Location:Texas, United States of America
Oh... about me. About me. Why are those two words always so intimidating? I guess the best place to start at is at the beginning.

I was born at an early age, in the grand country state of Texas. And I have lived there all my life, with the small exception of a few months of shuttling to Florida to visit the folks during my college days.

I am a self-admitted fanfic addict. I can't get enough, whether it be reading or writing. I have dabbled in various fandoms in my time on the internet (over twelve years! I feel so old...), so if my name seems familiar, we may have run into each other before. Wait! Why are you running away? I don't bite--hard.

My latest and greatest loves include Bonanza, Rawhide, Stargate: Atlantis, and most recently the movie Four Brothers. (What can I say? I apparently have a crush on Mark Wahlberg.) I'm mostly a "gen" reader and writer, and have a great fondness for stories that delve into the platonic side of relationships between characters. Not to say that I don't enjoy a well-written romance every now and then, but most of my stories revolve around friendships or family relationships. And almost always will involve a good dose of action, adventure, whump, and nearly without fail, a little bit of humor. Some might say I have a quirky sense of humor. Others less kind might say I'm on crack. Whichever way you put it, it might be a good idea to not drink while reading most of what I write.

While this is mostly a fandom-oriented/writing journal, I have been known to expound on more personal topics, and delve into a little bit of geekery on many an occasion.

Friending Policy: Please feel free to friend, there's no need to ask. I love interacting with fellow fen and like-minded people, so it's never a bother. Please don't be offended if I don't friend back right away, as I liked to get to know people a little first.
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