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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 04:36 pm
Well, my jailbreaking efforts for my iPhone last night were (eventually) successful, thanks in part to some very helpful tutorials. Jailbreaking software, for those who don't have a g33k dictionary handy, is the process that allows people who own iPhones and iPod Touches to run unofficial code to bypass Apple's sometimes paranoid, sometimes not strangehold on its operating system. In other words, I hacked my phone. And yey, it was good.

However, since this was my actual cell phone that I use for a lot of daily tasks, it was slow going because I needed to be sure I would still function, and so I didn't finish until well past midnight. However, true to my word, this morning I took pictures of what had my squeeing and flailing last night in the early hours of the morning.

Before we begin, let me state for the record: I am a dork.

But a giddily happy one.

Ever since SGA started airing back in season one, I've wanted a little device I could wave around and pretend like I was using a life signs detector, or playing a fandom favorite: "Energy signature, energy signature, where's the energy signature?". Um, I can't quite do that yet, but I'm sure my googling could give me an easy hack or video I can load onto my to do the job in a pinch. But I do have a really, really cool1 phone layout that I can display my utter dorkitude to the world at large.

1 - This is a [personal profile] greyias definition of cool. Actual levels of cool may very from person to person. Ask your doctor if [personal profile] greyias brand of cool is right for you.


Isn't it pretty? And Ancienty? And completely over-the-top geeky?

Some more pictures:

Note: Click on any of the images for detail. In the interests of preventing a complete picspam, you can visit the gallery here, if you're so inclined.

Also, please forgive the early morning photography skills. They were all taken before the first cup of coffee this morning.

The effect is achieved by using the free "Winterboard" app, available through the Cydia app after jailbreaking. Winterboard allows users to change their iPhone's look/feel/theme on the fly. This particular theme I found via deviantart user icbreeze: Ancient System (Version 2). Which reminds me, I need to figure out how to leave comments over there so they know how awesome said theme is.

I've yet to delve through all of the other fun features of jailbreaking, but this one was too fun not to share.


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